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20 days until we hop on a plane and fly to Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I am sooo STOKED! :D


I seriously need to stop leaving these massive gaps between the posts on this site.
Although, I must admit truthfully that since my last post, I had all but forgotten about having a live journal until my best friend Trilby brought it up in a nostalgic conversation.

I am happy to say that I am still with the love of my life, Gio Justin Castillo. :) I love my azn to bits!
Also,in an exciting turn of events, I will be heading to Orlando, Florida in a months time in order to absorb the delights surrounding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Islands of Adventure theme park! I will be traveling to this vacation destination with none other then my two closest friends and sisters, Stephanie and Trilby!! We`re mainly going for the HP love but, we`ve also realized that this would be a fitting way to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of our ride on the crazy-train that is friendship. Honestly, what better way to honor that?
Needless to say, I am super excited! Life is good :)

Ode to Live journal

I must admit that I even forgot that I had a live journal account for the longest time. However, as I sit here in the Learning Commons at my college and wait for my online game to load, I cannot help but revisit all the memories that I posted on this website.

I guess you could say that in the last year I havent really changed but I also have completely.
Nothing ever stays the same and I must learn to adapt to each new coming wave.

I'm slowly starting to let go of my parents. I confess that day by day I grow just a little bit more distant towards them. It's not only their demeaning nature that forces me to quiver. It's also their inate ignorance and dislike towards my friends and significant other, Gio.

He means the world to me and it would be nice if they could set aside their ignorance and at least get to know him. They know nothing about him and they think they can judge him??

I hate them because of that sometimes...


Dirty tears
cried from worn out eyes.

Half-hidden smile
pined on too tight

Pasty Skin
sagging at the seems

Fucked up tendons
broken dreams

Lung breath stale,
From too much smoke

Veins on fire
Heavenly Dope

Staggering down main Street
Destination unknown

Crippled little whore
All alone.


Dylan is the biggest tool on the face of this earth.

I love him <3
Well, I've been bed ridden for the past month due to a very nice bought of mono that decided to become active inside of me -.o

Oh well, I'm feeling better everyday :)

Sidenote: Going to cut/style/dye my hair tomorrow. Slightly nervous about the way I shall be cutting it >.< I've never done short hair before. Oh well. Hair always goes back, right?


P.S: Since I've been bed-ridden, I've developed a slightly forward, possibly unhealthy obsession with the Weasley Twins or rather, the actors that portray them, James and Oliver Phelps. Dear God, help me. -.o

Jul. 30th, 2007

Well, I havent written in this thing for like 3 months :P

A lot of shit has happened since then...lets me try to list them all in point form :D

-Michi got Industrial piercing
-Michi actually found a Job :O
-Michi met Rob and hooked up with him :D <3
-Michi went to Honie's b-day partay and had a kick ass time
-Michi lost her virginity :P
-Michi found Mary Jane plant and dried it out
-Michi died her hair random colours
-Michi went to Barrie and met her awesome acid-friend Ben 8D
-Michi and Ben found a discarded Bong, cleaned it out and smoked up
-Ben told Michi that he will molestify her :P
-Michi Kidnapped Ben and brought him to Mississauga/T.O for a weekend

WOOT! I <3 this summer!
Hopefully it will get even more exciting!

Btw, I'm going to be kidnapping the green fucking fairy (a.k.a Ben Fucks) in 3 days!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA....etc

Well, I'd better go now..it's late, and I need to go to work early tomorrow -le sigh-

Love you all muchly <3


I've been experiencing some sort of lift in my emotions over the past month...

Peace at last?

Lets see for how long...8D...
brain not Michi the work does of

garble garble garble

twitchy twitch twitch


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